Grab Driver App Reviews

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Tampilannya berbeda

Kenapa stelah di upgrade tampilannya masih kaya versi sebelumnya..... terus bagaimana cara ganti ringtonenya?

Won’t work

I’m trying to sign up, once I click country it goes to thai language. The. Won’t let me click on I’m not a robot. I’m an american trying to use your app on Bankock

Very stupid developer!!!

The apps always crash!!! The apps using too much battery consumption!!! It’s really not stable because during AirPort queue the apps crashed and driver need to restart queue from begining again!!! Such a stupid unstable apps!!! How people want to make money from your apps!!! Poor Grab drivers!!!

Nâng cấp thêm

Đề nghị nâng cấp phần mềm này có chức năng gọi điện trực tiếp cho khách, để đỡ tốn cước phí gọi cho tài xế. Trân trọng!


Bug everywhere in ur app

Hotmail log in

Hi...may i know how to use hotmail to log in? Because i used hotmail for registration, that’s the only email i have.thanks

Destination menu

Mana nih pengaturan tujuan? Map kadang balik lagi ke titik area pick up sehabis drop off, gimana mau dapet new order kalo begini??? FIX IT !!!

App always force close

Almost every trip will force close as long as I running Waze. Please fix


Cara mengganti ringtones

For watchOS

1. incomeing acceptjop iwatch 2. Passenger call to iwatch 3. Passenger chat to iwatch(sticker) 4. Acceptjop on/off for iwatch 5. Language Myanmar

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